"During my time at The Pilgrim Academy, I was so thankful for the opportunity to play soccer, basketball, and softball. I had no idea the invaluable lessons I would learn during my years of high school sports. I often think of the many ways I grew during those years. Not only did I learn about teamwork, mental toughness, and leadership that would prepare me for the future but also about being a woman of God in the face of failure and pushing beyond limits that I didn’t even know I had. The coaches at TPA invested in my life on and off the fields in ways that I’ll never be able to repay. They helped me grow as an athlete, but more importantly as a leader and as a Godly woman. Today I think so highly of the opportunity I was given at TPA to be involved in sports and am so thankful for the character growth that occurred during those pivotal years of my life."

Lauren (Oldham) Bredin Class of 2011

 “If I were to look at what I could consider being one of the significant turning points in my development it would be when coaches at The Pilgrim Academy felt like I had great potential, not only in the sport for which I was participating but also to be a leader among my peers.” … “Coaches at The Pilgrim Academy did more than change my perspective on how to play a game, but also changed my perspective of myself. They saw me as a leader before anyone else did and felt that when I spoke I could share a message worth listening too. Their message to me about who I was as a person allowed me to grow into a leader despite the fact that I didn’t envision I was someone worth following.”

John Mol Class of 1996, ACIT Teacher, and Associate Pastor