Art Program

Elementary Art Program:
Students in our elementary classes have art once a week as part of our enrichment program.  Mrs. Treppiccione, our art teacher, strives to introduce students to the various techniques and theories of art in a way that is both fun and educational.  Students work on projects that reinforce the basic fundamentals of art, which introduces children to the arts and ignites a lifetime passion and appreciation for art.
High School:
Students in high school who would like to further their understanding and skill in art are able to take various classes during their academic day.  We have classes that cover the fundamentals and basics of arts to classes that offer a more focused approach for students who are more serious focusing on art as a career.  We have had a number of students go on to college and major in art.  
Fine Arts:
At The Pilgrim Academy our students have the opportunity to participate in judged competition of their art.  We have had a number of students win state competitions, and compete at the national level.  We believe encouraging students to develop their artistic abilities is just another way that students can become well-rounded individuals who impact their communities.