About Us


The Pilgrim Academy’s innovative preschool program for four year olds, focuses on helping your child develop in three main areas:


1) Learning about God’s truths

2) Building foundational academic skills

3) Encouraging creative and stimulating play in a warm and safe environment

Our preschool program offers small class sizes, experienced teachers in Christian education, expert instruction and a 40-acre campus with all the amenities you would expect from one of South Jersey’s premier Pre K-12 Christian schools.

Learning About God

Through daily Bible lessons, preschoolers learn to think, grow, know, and live God’s way. These lessons include character stories, verses, and learning how to apply God’s truths to their young lives. Social and spiritual goals are infused throughout the program as children learn to see the world through a Christian perspective.

Laying an Academic Foundation

By introducing basic academic skills, preschoolers gain a solid foundation for lifelong learning. We help children develop visual perception skills, alphabet and number recognition, pencil-hold and pre-handwriting strokes, and basic phonics understanding. In addition, children are introduced to heritage studies, science, and basic mathematics. We also focus on a variety of reasoning skills that help children organize and process information as it is learned.

Learning Through Enrichment and Play

We understand that playtime is more than entertainment for young children. Creative play helps enhance motor development, artistic expression, social relationships, and many other important life skills. Through hands-on activities, creative playtime and enrichment in art and music, children experience the world around them in a new, exciting, and refreshing way.