Garden State Bible School is meeting virtually.

GSBS Registration

The 2020 Fall semester of Garden State Bible School begins September 14, 2020.  Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions there will be NO in person classes for the Fall semester.  Live classes will be conducted online via televideo conferencing, and you will be able to interact with your instructor.  All notes will be available online.  

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The following classes will be taught live during normal class times:

BI-103-1 The Minor Prophets: These are the twelve books which follow Daniel and close the Old Testament. The twelve together are shorter than one book of Isaiah, but the impact of their collective message is very great. (Pastor Lee Cattell)

THEO-103-1 Bibliology: In studying the doctrine of the Scriptures the student will be exposed to the supernatural character of the bible and its manifest unity. Hermeneutics, or principles of interpretation, will be illustrated, and some current translations will be evaluated. (Pastor John Sahl)

CLS-103-1 Church History: It is difficult to assess the importance of the church in society without some knowledge of the path that had been traversed. This brief overview includes meeting a number of God’s spiritual giants of earlier days. (Pastor James Peterson)

Class Schedule - Monday Evenings

Period 1: 7:00pm - 7:45pm

Period 2: 7:55pm - 8:40pm

Period 3: 8:45pm - 9:30pm