Garden State Bible School


Garden State Bible School offers a four year curriculum in Bible study. Three instructor lead classes meet one evening weekly during fall and spring semesters as the classes rotate through a four year cycle. The student may start at any time during the cycle and continue on for four years to get the entire program of instruction. There are no prerequisites for any of the classes.

The purpose of the Garden State Bible School (GSBS) is to make available to all persons a basic study of the Bible apart from any denominational bias or prejudicial emphasis. The school is conservative, evangelical and inter-denominational. The faculty and directors are of various denominations. Our rule of faith and practice and final authority are the Bible and the Bible alone.

Everyone welcome. No age restrictions or educational requirements. A concise, intensive, informative and soul warming study of the Holy Scriptures. The curriculum offered has been very academically, carefully, prayerfully planned and subjects selected are Biblical and Bible related. Many of the courses have been accepted by accredited Bible Colleges. The course work is so arranged that a student may enter at any semester and complete his work for the diploma in four years. The curriculum is divided into three areas of 45 minutes in length.