When you hear the name Mr. Landon many different adjectives come to mind (funny, kind, passionate, devoted, loving) and now we can add to that list fighter. Recently, Mr. Landon was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This is a an extremely rare type of brain tumor and will require surgery and radiation. . . Even in the midst of this storm the Landon’s are praising God. They take comfort in the fact that God is the great physician and that He is in control of this entire situation. Mr and Mrs Landon are viewing this as an opportunity for God to show His love, faithfulness and power and that through this God’s name will be glorified. . . Here is where we can stand in the gap for the Landons. As a body of believers we can take the Landons before the throne and be in prayer for them. Let’s commit to pray without ceasing for them and the battle that they will be facing in the coming weeks. Here is a link to a go fund me page to support them financially if you feel led to, it also gives an update to his surgery. https://ift.tt/2JmgAqF

Click here to support Dewey and Family need our prayer and support! organized by Charlie Baehner
Last month, Dewey started seeing double. When there was just one car in front of him, he saw two. This prompted him to visit the eye doctor, who ultimately sent him to a neurologist. Several MRIs and consults later, a neurosurgeon diagnosed him with a brain tumor. The neurosurgeon and his team be…
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